Established in 2013 Famous In Bushwick is an event platform rooted in the DIY culture of Bushwick. Originally founded in The Loom out of Silky’s Print Shop as a T-Shirt and Snapback Hat design by Steve Driebe and local DJ TheGent. Famous In Bushwick was originally developed as a loose collective of artist and business personalities living and working in Bushwick collaborating on parties and events.

The original collective consist of Nick Massey (Videographer/Gold Street Collective), Rosey Vaughan (House Of Field), Gr33n Cl3an (DJ Duo), Jerkface (Artist), MCA (Art Duo), Trip&Trap( Lifestyle & Photography), The Gent (DJ), & Silky’s Print Shop. Through a series of venues and DIY parties Famous In Bushwick grew to establish itself as a resident party at local classic but now closed Tandem Bar. During its residency at Tandem Famous In Bushwick became a regular and leading purveyor of nightlife and culture in Bushwick. Its outreach has extended outside of Bushwick with pop ups in San Francisco (Famous In The Bay), and Sydney, Australia (One Day & Good Friends x Famous In Bushwick @ The Lord Gladstone). We’ve been covered and mentioned in Paper Mag, VICE, & Bushwick Daily.

Through its deep connection with New York’s DIY and street art cultures Famous In Bushwick has made a visual impact on New York City. It’s made its way into the pages of the New Yorker and abroad due to its iconic sticker logo that seems to win the hearts of locals and many more globally. Famous In Bushwick is a celebration of the before now and forward of one of New York City’s most distinguished locales.